Competitor Litigation

Defend My Product From Knock-offs and Frauds

My Competitor Knocked Me Off

If a competitor has stolen your idea, your design, or other intellectual property, it is imperative to move quickly to seek justice. We can help you force your competitor to stop profiting from your work, and to repay you for the losses you’ve faced as a result of their unacceptable behavior.

I’m Being Accused of Knocking Someone Off

When someone claims you’ve stolen their intellectual property or otherwise infringed upon their rights, you need to take steps to protect your reputation and your earnings. These are extremely serious accusations and you need to work with an attorney to tell your side of the story. We can help.

Product Issues

At Aftermarket Law, we understand the time, creativity, effort, and dedication that goes into every product you bring into the world and every advancement and adjustment you make. We are here to make sure your products are protected from your competitors, whether you’re just putting your idea together or you’ve already been showing it off. Having the right intellectual property protections in place is essential to safeguarding your business from knockoffs.

Packaging Issues 

Product packaging is a minefield of issues that can derail any successful product.  We help clients vet their packaging for copyright and trademark issues as well as regulatory requirements imposed by State or Federal agencies.   We also help to avoid claims for false advertising.  Your competitors have the same issues and we can help disrupt your competitor’s success if their packaging offends your copyrights, trademarks or your right to prevent anti-competitive conduct.  Aftermarket Law can help with the following packing issues and more:

  •  False Advertising
  • Package clearance
  • Image copyrights

Amazon Neutral Patent Evaluation and Policing Amazon

Amazon has created the top eCommerce marketplace for the sale of products direct to consumers.  While historically a haven for the sale of infringing products, Amazon has recently implemented a number of powerful tools that we can use to police infringers and remove them from Amazon. Conversely, you may find yourself defending against an allegation that you are selling infringing products on Amazon.  We have good experience with the new Amazon Neutral Patent Evaluation. The Aftermarket Law team has a strong understanding of this ever-evolving market and how to best use it to your advantage, and keep others from copying your product listings.

Pricing Issues 

We understand the complexities that go into pricing your product and can help you protect yourself in this area as well. We can help you with matters related to:

  • Minimum advertised price (MAP)
  • Price fixing
  • And more!

Trademark Issues 

In its purest form, our service involves identifying and protecting intellectual property on your behalf. A rich and robust intellectual property portfolio should include patents, trademarks and trade dress, copyrights, and trade secrets, when applicable. Your company should actively consider whether its innovations should be subject to a patent, trademark, or copyright application, and we have the experience to counsel you on how these pieces may fit together. Simply put, a robust IP portfolio adds to the bottom-line value of your company and its position in the marketplace.

We take a full-view approach to the protection of your intellectual property. We work with you to determine your corporate policies to encourage and document innovation, and we provide in-house training to help your employees understand intellectual property in the United States.

In particular, Aftermarket Law works with members of the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association and the Colorado BioSciences Association to identify and seek protections for their innovations. We work with SEMA members to identify multiple ways to safeguard their consumer products, including the use of design patents, trademarks, and copyright for shorter-term protections while a utility patent is pending. We aim to obtain relevant protections within a relevant time frame—not years after a product has lost its market value.

When the time comes to file an application to protect your company’s intellectual property, we partner with an attorney that is well-versed in your technology, ensuring your application has the best chance at delivering useful protections for your innovations, creative works, and ideas. We partner with the patent attorney or agent to make sure the application is clear and enforceable if granted by the USPTO. We offer flat fees for application preparation and prosecution.

Get in touch with the Aftermarket Law team at Sheridan Ross P.C. if you are dealing with knockoffs, product issues, packing issues, Amazon policing, pricing issues, or trademark issues.