Manufacturing and Importation

Protect My Product from Manufacturers

Threats to your intellectual property can come from all angles, including from manufacturers. At Aftermarket Law we have the knowledge and experience to help you use the following tools to protect yourself and your business:

  • Exclusive contracts
  • Non-compete agreements (and their enforcement)
  • Enforcing in China, South Korea, and Malaysia, where your manufacturer may have no obligation to keep your design a secret
  • Mold and tool protection

Bring My Product to the US

How do you get your products from the country in which they were produced to the United States, where they’ll be sold? At Aftermarket Law, we aid clients in supply chain management, tackling any legal issues that arise along the way, especially as it relates to the International Trade Commission.

Market exclusivity is the goal of any business. Under Section 337 of the Tariff Act, the International Trade Commission can stop the import of infringing products at the border. While the ITC will not address monetary damages for infringement, the ITC does have the power to stop you or your competitors from importing goods that infringe US patents and trademarks.   Through efficient and effective filings, Aftermarket Law can work with you toward the goal of achieving market exclusivity for your patented product through actions initiated under Section 337. If you happen to be on the receiving end of a Section 337 action, Aftermarket Law can work with you toward the goal of defeating the ITC’s investigation or the petitioner’s efforts to prevent future imports.

Get in touch with the Aftermarket Law team at Sheridan Ross P.C. to learn more about how we can aid you in your importing efforts and to learn more about our manufacturer management services.