Product Protection

Legally Protect My Product from the Start


At its core, a patent is a tool you use to register your invention with the government and assert your rights as its inventor. Patents are filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. They give you the right to be the only entity making or selling the thing you invented for a limited time in exchange for making your innovation public knowledge. 

At Aftermarket Law, we can help you with the whens and hows of protecting your ideas through patents. Contact us to learn more.

Trade Secrets

Most companies have a trade secret or two that gives them an edge over their competitors or make the products they sell unique in some way. Trade secrets can include:

  • Formulas
  • Practices
  • Designs
  • Processes
  • Patterns

And any other information or methodologies that have economic value. Like an invention, a trade secret needs to be protected. Aftermarket Law is here to help. Contact us [link] to discover how we can help you protect your company’s trade secrets.


Trademarks protect the ways you present your company and its products or services to the public. This can include your logo, your slogan, your branding, and more. It is important to protect these elements from the moment you begin to use them. Aftermarket Law can help. Contact us [link] to learn more about trademark protection.


The term copyright refers to your legal rights as the owner of intellectual property. At Aftermarket Law, we help you protect your copyright from the time your intellectual property comes into existence and we defend it as needed at every step along the way. 

If you want to protect your ideas, your company’s products, your trade secrets, and everything else that makes your company unique and drives your income, the Aftermarket Law team is here for you. Get in touch with the Aftermarket Law team at Sheridan Ross P.C. to get started.