Trendsetting Auto Technology at CES 2022

Over the past few years, automotive manufacturers have slowly crept into the Consumer Electronics Show, an annual trade show previously exclusive to the consumer electronics industry. For good reason, automotive manufacturers have pushed into CES to show off the incredible new technology developing at a breakneck pace. This move comes not as a hostile takeover, but because the automotive industry has rightfully earned its place at CES. Every year, more and more partnerships between tech companies and auto manufacturers are announced. The future of the industry is moving towards vehicles that are more computer than car, and the tech industry wants in. 

A New Vision for Vehicles

The most anticipated developments at CES 2022 are in the field of LiDAR and radar vision systems, which enable autonomous vehicles. Fully autonomous vehicles are yet to hit the consumer market, due not only to technological limitations, but also a litany of legal issues. Vehicle manufacturers seem to be on the verge of eliminating at least one of those problems, as several companies announced new versions of their vision systems.

Valeo announced its third generation of LiDAR, which it claims will have twelve times the resolution of the previous version, alongside significantly longer range and a wider field of view. Fisker is showing off their 4-D radar, a new generation of radar tech that is crucial to enabling fully autonomous vehicles. More of these vision technologies are making their way into production vehicles than ever, including several new models from Chrysler, BMW, and even Sony.

Going the Distance

The biggest pain point for current generation electric vehicle owners has been range. Thankfully, we’re seeing potential improvements on the horizon for EV batteries. Mercedes unveiled their concept Vision EQXX, a sedan with a range of up to 621 miles, and solar panels covering its roof. It is a lofty goal, but Mercedes has said that they aim to make the Vision EQXX commercially available.

Breaking away from the competition, BMW decided to focus on something more flashy. They unveiled the BMW iX Flow, a car covered in “E Ink Prism”, an electrically conductive ink similar to that used in E-readers. They’re able to change the entire look of the car with a push of a button, by moving the ink around the body of the car like an LCD screen.

CES 2022 has shown us that the next generation of electric vehicle technology is closer than we think. With the increasing trend towards electric vehicles, CES will continue to be a showcase of what we have to look forward to.

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